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A program to turn your scanner and printer into a one-click photocopier
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iCarbon is a program that will turn your printer and scanner into a one-click photocopier. If you have any TWAIN-compatible scanner and a printer connected to your PC (even a network printer), you can use them to build your own virtual photocopier, just as if you were using a multifunction printer.

Upon installation, the program will recognize all your scanners and printers. You can select through its interface which of those devices you will like to associate to build your personal copier. You can also set some options using the iCarbon interface, like the number of copies, the zoom level, the contrast, the quality, and the type of copy. In the Hardware section you can also specify some printer settings, such as the paper size, the origin, and the orientation. iCarbon will let you take both color and black and white copies.

Pressing its big blue button is like putting your virtual photocopier to work. The scanner will make an image of your document, and will send it automatically to your printer. Depending on your scanner’s model, it may be necessary to use an alternative method to create the images. Some scanners will not send the information directly to the program, so it will be necessary to acquire the image separately and then tell the scanner to send it to iCarbon.

iCarbon not only is a free tool, but it also uses existing equipment, being an ideal solution for users who do not have access to either a multifunction printer or a photocopier.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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